When disaster strikes, being prepared to respond is integral to a successful recovery. And being prepared means you’re ready to quickly mobilize your response team, get stakeholders on the same page, and activate the appropriate response plans.

In this webinar, Annie Asrari (Chief Product Officer) will discuss our recommendations for crisis management and explain how it fits into a broader resilience management approach. We’ll focus on both what you should consider and what to avoid to ensure you’re crisis-ready.

During the session, we’ll also demo the capabilities within the Castellan SaaS solution that will assist you in confidently communicating through and managing an incident.


  • How to integrate readiness and response in your resilience management program
  • Steps for returning to business-as-usual
  • Important things to avoid
  • A demo of the crisis management capabilities within the Castellan SaaS suite


Ready for some hands-on help? Let’s discuss how to best achieve your resilience goals.