Operational resilience has taken hold in the business continuity industry. And, for UK organizations operating in the banking and financial sectors, it’s becoming a compliance mandate, with new operational resilience requirements commencing in March 2022.

To assist for all industries, we took a deep dive into a core component of operational resilience: plausible scenarios. Defined as realistic events that could disrupt the delivery of a business service’s outcomes leading to unacceptable impact, they provide value-adding action for validating operational resilience strategies; providing clarity and confidence for executives and regulators.

In this webinar, we look at how you can identify plausible scenarios, use them for stress testing, and utilize them to clarify the connection between operational resilience and business continuity with your executives and key stakeholders.


  • Explanation about what plausible scenarios are and how they relate to operational resilience principles
  • A formula for creating plausible scenarios in one sentence and mapping them to business services
  • Tips for identifying and defining vulnerabilities in your organization
  • Advice for clearly communicating your findings in a way that executives understand


Ready for some hands-on help? Let’s discuss how to best achieve your resilience goals.