The manufacturing sector is currently experiencing a perfect storm of challenges, with no end in sight. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to ensure that resilience strategies are in place and that they remain fit for purpose as new threats emerge. According to KPMG’s Global Manufacturing Prospects 2022 report “CEOs at manufacturers have learned two important lessons from the pandemic: the vital importance of a resilient supply chain and the need to invest in new technologies to strengthen resilience, by both avoiding business disruptions—and taking advantage of them.”

View this webinar, presented by resilience management specialists Castellan Solutions, to help you sense-check your existing resilience strategies as we provide ideas for improvement and help you look at what’s ahead in the industry.


  • The current and emerging threats and risks manufacturers need to consider
  • What resilience good practice looks like
  • Resilience strategies and tactics that manufacturers can consider implementing
  • What resilience management is and how it provides a new and better approach


Ready for some hands-on help? Let’s discuss how to best achieve your resilience goals.