The events of the last two years have made business resilience a priority for your Board and Senior Executives. So, how can you most effectively engage with senior leadership in a way that makes them excited to hear from you, eager to act, and well-positioned to support your resilience efforts?

Through data research, open conversation, and observation, we’ve gathered global input to answer many of the pressing challenges that business continuity and operational resilience leaders are facing today when engaging their executive leadership teams.

In this webinar, John Verdi & Michael Bratton will dig through the noise on “executive support” and provide you with key insights to help you better understand how to engage your executive leadership team and Board.


  • Data points from our research with executive and board level members, as well as our own practical experience with executive leadership teams
  • Action steps for what you should be doing NOW
  • Tips for closing out 2021 strong and setting yourself up for success in 2022
  • Discussion of operational resilience principles that provide a clear and more engaging picture for executives


John Verdi

Sr. Director of Professional Services

Castellan Solutions

Ready for some hands-on help? Let’s discuss how to best achieve your resilience goals.