2020 not only demonstrated that business continuity is much more than making plans to deal with disasters and disruptions. It also cemented that it’s an integral part of a broader resilience effort—supporting your organization and customers not just during a crisis, but continuously, through all the ups and downs of normal operations.

Over the last few months, we’ve had many conversations with our community and clients about how to clearly articulate and quantify the business case for investing in (or expanding their investment) in business continuity and operational resilience in a way that actually resonates with senior leaders and executives. Join us for a webinar dedicated to building the business case for a business continuity and resilience capability.


  • The key drivers to invest that resonate with leadership
  • Tips on building a business case unique to your organization
  • Tools to navigate the conversation with your executives or stakeholders


John Verdi

Director of Consulting

Castellan Solutions

Ready to learn how to build your business case?

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