This template guides you through the development of a departmental business continuity plan to help you respond to a business disruption, recover or acquire resources necessary to support operations, and then resume operations at a modified or full capability.

This fully editable template downloads as a Word document and jumpstarts your planning effort by offering sample content and procedures based on the following resource-loss based scenarios: facility loss, personnel loss, technology loss, or supplier/vendor loss.

REMEMBER: Templates are just a starting point and must be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization and align with the strategic priorities of your executive team.


This fully editable template offers example procedures to help you develop an effective response and recovery effort based on the following resource-loss scenarios:

  • Recovery Strategy 1 – Loss of Facility
  • Recovery Strategy 2 – Loss of People
  • Recovery Strategy 3 – Loss of Technology
  • Recovery Strategy 4 – Loss of Key Vendor/Supplier

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