Since 2001, BC Management has been the only provider of global data research for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals.

In this 12th edition report, we assess the most noteworthy trends from over 10 years of researching business continuity program management initiatives, including reporting structures, executive engagement, current program status, assessments, personnel, budgeting, and alignment to compliance standards.  We’ve also included program maturity resiliency insights and tips throughout the report to help you in elevating your BCM program.

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  • 22% of BCM programs report into a Risk Management department (10% in 2009)
  • Increased hiring – 25% anticipate hiring personnel dedicated to BCM planning (14% reported in 2018)
  • 21% noted a BCM budget of $1M USD+
  • 64% of mature programs are centralized with an equal focus on business and IT planning initiatives
  • Exercising non-critical plans increased since 2018 in excess of 20%
  • Data highlighted 16 average number of professionals dedicated to the program

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