Since 2001, BC Management has been gathering data on business continuity management programs and compensation to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs.

In this 9th edition report, we assess how the top 15 most frequent events challenge organizations in addition to how COVID-19 has overwhelmed program response efforts. Trends throughout the report also highlight that those organizations with more mature resiliency programs are better prepared based on program integration, program support, and executive visibility.

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  • 6% of respondents noted $10M+ in estimated financial losses, of those:
    • 50% of business continuity programs were developed less than 4 years ago
    • 60% never exercised their business continuity plans

  • Executive involvement increased in cyberspace attacks (25% in 2019 to 38% in 2020) & protests (19% in 2019 to 33% in 2020)

  • COVID-19 consumed organizations with:
    • Longest business resumption period (average of 206 days)
    • Highest impact to critical processes (36% indicated more than 75% of critical processes were impacted)

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