Season 2, Episode 009 | Leading Boldly Through Ambiguity with Elaine Boltz

From backlogged ports to continued COVID lockdowns, supply chain has continuously been in the headlines. It’s something the average consumer doesn’t pay much attention to, but for our guest today, it’s her bread and butter.

Elaine Boltz, Chief Operating and Transformation Officer at Crocs, took on her role right as the pandemic hit, giving her quite the exciting start to an already challenging position.

In this episode, Elaine joins host Cheyene Marling to share her insights on quickly pivoting, managing supply chain risk, dealing with ambiguity, and trusting in coping with the unexpected.


Key Takeaways:

  • Trust in your team is critical to coping with the unexpected
  • Manage risk with clear expectations and communication
  • Accept change and face it head-on


Related Resources:

What to listen for:

[08:00] Leaning on relationships to manage risk

[12:30] Handling supply chain disruptions

[16:30] The board-level perspective on resilience management

[19:00] Managing rapid growth in the midst of the Great Resignation

[24:30] Leading boldly through ambiguity


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