Season 2, Episode 008 | Creating a Culture of Preparedness with Andrew Velasquez and Justin Pierce

The size and scope of the aviation industry make disruption a frighteningly real possibility. Yet for our guests, Andrew Velasquez, First Deputy Aviation Commissioner for the Chicago Department of Aviation, and Justin Pierce, Emergency Management Director for Los Angeles World Airports, planning and preparation enable them to maintain continuity.

In this episode, you’ll hear Andrew and Justin join host Cheyene Marling to share their insights on building relationships and networks. They also discuss how to effectively conduct risk exercises with tens of thousands of people and how emergency managers work together across organizations.


Key Takeaways:

  • Trust your teammates while verifying risky assumptions
  • Build strong relationships you can rely on in crisis
  • Create a culture of preparedness


Related Resources:

What to listen for:

[02:02]   How airport emergency managers work together

[07:11]   Balancing trust with challenging assumptions

[12:09]   Maintaining continuity of operations during COVID

[19:20]   Andrew and Justin’s advice for emergency managers

[21:00]   Managing risk preparedness in large ecosystems


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