Season 2, Episode 007 | Cyber Resilience is a Business Imperative with Jim Kastle and Mark Eggleston

As the business world becomes more digitally focused and enabled, many of the most impactful and disruptive events we encounter are cyber driven. In this evolving risk landscape, it’s no longer a question of if a cyber disruption will occur, it’s when.

In this episode, Chief Information Security Officers Jim Kastle of Kimberly-Clark and Mark Eggleston of CSC join host Brian Zawada to break down what a good cyber response plan looks like and how it has evolved in recent years.


Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber-resilience must rely on muscle memory
  • Executive visibility is vital
  • Establish relationships before you need them


Related Resources:

What to listen for:

[02:04]   The role of the CISO in resilience planning

[05:25]   What does a good cyber response look like?

[08:49]   The three types of tabletop practices

[12:52]   Choose your vendors wisely

[16:38]   What changes are coming?

[18:34]   Brian’s key takeaways


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