Episode 006: Peeling Back the Layers of Supply Chain Resilience with David Landsman

How well do you understand your supply chain? Do you know the risks to every supplier?

In this Scenarios episode, David Landsman, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations at JLL Technologies, joins host Brian Zawada to discuss the impact of the Resilience Movement on supply chain and business continuity. David is a global leader in the field, with nearly 20 years of experience building supply chain marketplaces in multiple industries, giving him unique insights.

As David and Brian break down the nuances of supply chain risk, you’ll learn why a holistic understanding of your business is key.


Key Takeaways:

  • Build partnerships with your suppliers
  • Address the thing you’re most afraid of
  • Reduce supply chain complexity

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What to listen for:

[04:09] The importance of cross-functional teams

[11:50] Where to start examining supply chain risk

[14:15] Mitigating third-party risk

[16:07] The greatest challenge in risk management

[18:17] Brian’s takeaways


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