Season 2, Episode 004 | Scaling Business Continuity Through Shared Ownership with Scott Baldwin

For many practitioners, the responsibility of maintaining business operations in a crisis falls squarely on their shoulders–if something goes wrong, it’s on them. But, what if there’s a better way?

For Scott Baldwin, Head of Enterprise Resilience at Netflix, that “better way” is to transfer responsibility for the organization’s resilience to the actual stakeholders. The business continuity team then becomes a resource to train and equip the stakeholders, instead of begging them to participate.

In this episode, Scott joins host Cheyene Marling to share the lessons that led him to this approach and breaks down how you can begin to look at business continuity in a different light–achieving traditional directives without getting bogged down in traditional methods.


Key Takeaways:

  • Get the business stakeholders to own responsibility
  • Find out the specific reason behind the program
  • Don’t get stuck on the way things are “supposed” to be


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What to listen for:

[01:57] Biggest career lesson

[05:29] Scott’s “Aha!” moment

[09:35] Advice to his younger self

[10:39] Advice to new practitioners

[12:17] Parting thoughts


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