Season 2, Episode 003 | Fleshing Out the Details of Critical Event Management with Ann Pickren

When navigating a critical business event, how will you define success?

In this episode, Ann Pickren, Chief Customer Officer at OnSolve, joins host Brian Zawada to compare notes on what it takes to achieve success in business resilience and critical event management.

As you listen, you’ll hear top tips for crafting your business resilience program, and why it’s important to earn the respect of the organization you’re trying to help.


Key Takeaways:

  • Perfect practice makes perfect recovery
  • The details are important
  • Earn the right to add value


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What to listen for:

[01:48] The importance of practice

[06:57] Executive support is crucial – but there is a downside

[10:42] The importance of a detailed plan

[18:54] Ann’s thoughts on critical event management

[24:02] Crises are no longer asynchronous


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Guide Getting Started with Resilience Management

This guide is designed to help you break down silos to improve readiness and response capabilities and build confidence in the resilience of your organization.