Season 2, Episode 002 | The Stickiness Factor with Shane Mathew

When starting (or restarting) a new business continuity program, it’s easy to get hung up on trying to make it perfect. The problem is, that can leave you stuck in process, waiting for everything to line up.

For Shane Mathew, Senior Manager of Business Resilience at Zoom, the key to success is identifying the quick wins to move your program forward.

In this episode, Shane joins host Cheyene Marling to discuss ways to make your business continuity program “sticky” and shares the three most important things to consider when building up your organization’s resilience.


Key Takeaways:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it fun
  • Quick wins are key


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What to listen for:

[02:19] Biggest mistakes to avoid

[06:27] Shane’s advice for those starting out

[11:28] How does Gamification fit into Business Continuity?

[17:43] What does “sticky” really mean?


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