Episode 012 | Season Finale: When Business as Usual is Challenged

We’re celebrating the conclusion of season one of Business, Interrupted by revisiting some of our favorite moments and drawing on key themes that emerged. Throughout this season, we’ve spoken with some incredible leaders sharing profound insights on a variety of topics related to business continuity and resilience. Listen as hosts Brian Zawada and Cheyene Marling recap their favorite memories and list their biggest takeaways from the extraordinary conversations in season one.


Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you are communicating your expertise
  • Challenge yourself to grow in your career
  • Don’t underestimate your team
  • Create Culture; Reduce Complexity; Be more Concrete

What to listen for:

[00:43] – Brian’s favorite moments from Season 1

[01:14] – Chey’s favorite moments from Season 1

[02:46] – Prioritizing risk management over recovery

[05:42] – Recognizing your team members

[07:19] – Building key relationships

[09:31] – Creating a crisis-ready culture

[11:49] – Be ready to take action

[12:46] – Key takeaways from Brian and Chey

[15:19] – One final thing


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