Episode 007: Shipping, Security, and Supply Chain Continuity with Eddie Galang

With hundreds of ships waiting off-shore in U.S. ports, supply chain infrastructure faces a massive crisis.

For Eddie Galang, Chief Information Security Officer at the Port of Long Beach, failure is not an option.

In the wake of the pandemic, Eddie was challenged not only with keeping his team members safe, but protecting the port from threats and maintaining operations remotely.

In this Leaders episode, Eddie joins host Cheyene Marling to break down his approach to continuity planning and share how his team deals with the pressure of maintaining a crucial link in the world’s supply chain infrastructure.


Key Takeaways:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Failure affects those around you
  • Don’t underestimate your team
  • You can’t do it alone


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What to listen for:

[02:06] – Handling the pressure

[05:28] – The challenges of 24/7 operation

[08:20] – How has the workforce been impacted?

[11:57] – Cascading supply chain issues

[15:34] – Eddie’s advice to his younger self


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