Episode 005: Enterprise Risk Management with Melanie Lucht

In business continuity planning, which comes first, disaster recovery or risk mitigation?

For Melanie Lucht, Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at Carnegie Mellon University, the answer is simple–manage your risk first.

Melanie first learned to think like a risk manager while working in insurance. When she was offered the chance to launch an enterprise risk management program for Carnegie Mellon, she jumped at the opportunity.

In this Leaders episode, Melanie joins host Cheyene Marling to share the lessons she’s learned along the way and how prioritizing resilience ahead of recovery is helping her team navigate the COVID pandemic.


Key Takeaways:

  • Communication is key
  • Build strong relationships
  • Failure leads to learning

What to listen for:

[05:22] Be prepared to pivot

[10:38] Reflecting on lessons learned

[14:53] What was the impact?

[15:57] Melanie’s advice to her younger self

[17:15] The most important skills for business continuity practitioners


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