Episode 004 – Resilience and Executive Engagement with Gail Ciccione

After the disruptions of 2020, business leaders are more concerned than ever with preventing disruption and responding in a timely way when prevention fails. This focus has been named The Resilience Movement.

In this Scenarios episode, Gail Ciccione joins host Brian Zawada to share her perspective on resilience and executive engagement. Gail is the Chief Operating Officer for a medical device supplier, having spent her entire career in supply chain operations for companies of all sizes.

As Brian and Gail dig into this topic from an executive perspective, you’ll learn the impact executive engagement can have on business resilience and why authenticity is key to success.


Key Takeaways:

  • Speak the language of the business executive.
  • Use severe yet plausible scenarios to test business continuity.
  • Focus on building the skills and experiences of your people.
  • Reduce product complexity whenever possible.


Related Resources:

What to listen for:

[03:02] – How important is the topic of resilience?

[07:22] – The most valuable elements in business continuity

[10:03] – How do you balance efficiency and resilience?

[13:46] – Anticipate, Prevent, or Respond?

[18:40] – Brian’s Key Takeaways


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