Business Continuity & Resilience Software: Castellan March 2022 Release

Accelerate resilience management in today’s evolving risk landscape with new enhancements that provide advanced connectivity, visibility, and reporting across the enterprise.

The Software Platform That Brings It All Together

Solve operational resilience, business continuity, IT disaster recovery, and crisis management challenges within a centralized location so you can quickly respond to business disruptions with confidence. Latest enhancements include:

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Enterprise Account Solution

Allows authorized users to view and seamlessly navigate between multiple linked entity accounts, enabling centralized management of global resilience programs while providing the flexibility that is needed for regional programs. Entity-level data rolls up to the enterprise account for global visibility and executive summary reporting, and global templates can be built and then distributed for use across all entity accounts, enabling consistent documentation and standards across the enterprise. 

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Custom Dashboard Editor

Empowers enterprise teams to build and share custom reports and dashboards, enabling focused collaboration and tailored executive reporting. Leveraging a drag and drop interface, users can pull relevant data into various charts, graphs, maps, and more, and then easily share it across relevant stakeholders.

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Crisis Management Enhancements

Save time in the critical moments of a crisis by building and pre-populating incident templates with relevant plans, owners, and other key data, so you don’t have to start from scratch when activating a live incident. Encrypted chat enhancements enable secure collaboration not only across teams but also privately, even if normal channels are compromised.


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