Interested in building a resilience capability but don’t know where to begin? Operational resilience is about enabling your organization to “bend but not break” when faced with a disruption. But, when it comes to building a true resilience capability, many organizations struggle with defining exactly what that looks like—and how to ensure success.

So, where do you begin?

The Getting Started with Operational Resilience Guide is designed to help you set a solid foundation, get traction with executives, and boost confidence that your organization has done all that’s practical to prepare for disruptions. Within, we’ve provided a framework and extended worksheet to get you started right away.

Operational Resilience Worksheet

With this guide you’ll:

  1. Gain clarity on where to begin
  2. Understand what “good” looks like
  3. Build confidence you’ve found the gaps that could get in the way of successful business strategy execution
  4. Increase engagement with executive leadership by better explaining the scope of, and the benefits derived from, operational resilience
  5. Set a realistic path to achieve compliance

Get the Getting Started with Operational Resilience Guide:

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