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Response & Communication

When disaster strikes, you need to be ready to act. In the critical moments of an incident, engaging the right people with the right skillset at the right time can be the difference between success and chaos.

To drive a timely response and return to normal business operations, you need live crisis management and emergency notification capabilities. With Castellan’s business continuity and resilience platform, that functionality is baked in – closing the gap between readiness and response.

Command & Control

Castellan’s crisis management capabilities centralize critical information flows during an incident, so you can quickly secure your response team and get stakeholders on the same page.

Interactive task management makes your response plans actionable and transparent, driving accountability. And encrypted chat within each incident allows your team to collaborate securely in real-time – even if your normal communication channels are compromised. Best yet, you can perform these critical activities directly from your mobile device.


Mobile Incident Functionality

Encrypted Chat Independent of Network

Interactive Task Management

Response Plan Activation

Multi-Modal Emergency Notifications

Visual What If Reporting

Situation Reports

Crisis Dashboards


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Mobile Functionality

Drive crisis management coordination straight from your mobile device. With Castellan, you can use your mobile phone or tablet to create an incident, receive notifications, activate response plans, view and update tasks, and more.

Interactive Task Management

Castellan makes it easy to manage the many tasks within your crisis management plans and track new tasks as the incident evolves. Click into each task and add a description, update the task status, attach files, and more. Plus, a home screen tracker provides at-a-glance visibility into the status of all tasks for an incident.

Encrypted Chat

With Castellan, your team can collaborate securely through a crisis – even if your normal communication channels are compromised – with encrypted chat inside of each incident. The chat feature supports multiple channels, one-on-one chat, group chat, tagging, and file sharing.

Multi-Modal Communications

Want to make sure your notifications are received? Send them via multiple avenues automatically.

Through voice, email, and SMS you can keep all your key stakeholders alerted to time-sensitive information. And the best part? They can communicate back through two-way response and survey features, which are then auto-summarized via built-in reporting.

Flexible Messaging Capabilities

Not every person needs to receive every message. Castellan lets you target messages by geography, business location, role, or tag. Plan owners can even directly send messages to those named in their plans, fostering greater collaboration among active team members and eliminating the need for company-wide communication when it isn’t necessary.

One Platform, Zero Headaches

Eliminate the stress of managing multiple platforms. With crisis management and emergency notification capabilities embedded in our resilience management platform, you can respond and recover confidently, with maximum efficiency and minimal administrative burden.

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