Right Message. Right Time.

Response & Communication

When disaster strikes, you shouldn’t have to hunt down the most current employee contact list, manually message everyone, and attempt to track individual responses on the fly.

To drive a timely response and return to normal business operations, you need live incident management and emergency notification capabilities. With Castellan’s business continuity platform, that functionality—a proprietary and enterprise-strength solution—is baked in.

Command & Control

Confidently manage and track your team’s response to an incident in real-time.

Castellan’s live incident management functionality lets your team collaborate and share information about a disruptive event online, in real-time. The platform’s reporting and visualization tools allow your team to push out situation reports, activate plans, and manage issues as they arise.



Live Incident Functionality

Online Environment for Team Collaboration

Push Out Situation Reports

Activate Plans

Visual Reporting



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Multi-Channel Communications

Want to make sure your notifications are received? Send them via multiple avenues automatically.

Through voice, email, and SMS you can keep all your key stakeholders alerted to time-sensitive information. And the best part? They can communicate back through two-way response and survey features, which are then auto-summarized via built-in reporting.

Flexible Messaging Capabilities

Not every person needs to receive every message. Castellan lets you target messages by geography, business location, role, or tag. Plan owners can even directly send messages to those named in their plans, fostering greater collaboration among active team members and eliminating the need for company-wide communication when it isn’t necessary.

Castellan Mobile App

Stay up to date with your business continuity program anytime, anywhere! Enjoy intuitive mobile interaction and easily access the critical plans and documents you need on the go – even when you’re off-network.

One Platform, Zero Headaches

Eliminate the stress of managing multiple platforms. With the emergency notification and incident management capabilities embedded in our business continuity software, you can respond and recover confidently, with maximum efficiency and minimal administrative burden.

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