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Operational Resilience

Done well, operational resilience is a strategic, top-down driven effort, woven into the fabric of an organization, with the aim of driving readiness specific to the organization’s most important business services.

Castellan offers an intuitive, out-of-the-box  operational resilience add-on solution your organization can use to strategically scope your program, establish impact tolerance, and create a digitized, end-to-end view of business service specific value chains. For financial services organizations worldwide, ours is the only combined business continuity and operational resilience platform to drive compliance and capability.

Ensure Compliance

With ever increasing operational resilience regulation, you need an easier way to ensure compliance.

Our simplified, automated approach not only enables you to meet all regulatory requirements, but it also helps you engage more effectively with executive management and business service owners.

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Visualize Impact by Customer Segment

Operational resilience requires a holistic perspective. Our operational resilience add-on module lets you define your customer segments and digitally visualize how a disruption impacts them, including obligations and expectations that are at risk of being missed.

With this enhanced visibility, you can identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, leading to a more resilient organization and happy customers.

Create Plausible Scenarios

With plausible scenario creation, you can identify likely sources of disruption with potential catastrophic consequences and then connect them to specific business services to model impact and vulnerability.  Better yet, see which plans align and take note of any previously performed exercises that align to this specific situation.

The plausible scenario functionality exposes gaps where response and recovery methods fail to align, or where you lack confidence due to a lack of testing, allowing you to rectify in advance.

Define Impact Tolerance

With a powerful combination of “what if” modeling that visualizes relationships and business service-level analysis functionality to collect the information necessary to determine impact tolance, the Castellan operational resilience add-on solution could be the most valuable resource to your organization’s efforts to achieve the right level of resilience, and compliance. You can identify what a disruption to one or more of your business services means to your customers, the market, and your organization’s viability.

Beyond modeling, Castellan produces the reporting to aid executive management in making decisions and to create evidence of compliance to outside examiners.

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