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Managed Services

Many organizations have struggled to respond effectively to the massive disruption of the past year, due to a lack of resources, funding, or support from leadership. Others have been stretched too thin to keep up with regular business continuity activities.

To ease these types of burdens, Castellan’s managed services team can manage business continuity activities on your organization’s behalf. Whether you need full program management or technical software services, our experts can serve as an extension of—or stand in for—your business continuity and operational resilience programs management team.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Your search for the right program manager and business continuity team is over.

Our certified business continuity experts will leverage our proven process for achieving business continuity success to develop and maintain a program customized to your organization’s unique needs.

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Flexible, Tailored Program

Your needs will change over time. Our managed services solution has the flexibility to evolve as your program vision shifts. We can start big or small with your immediate needs and scale up or down as needed.

Focusing on critical products and services, customer and supplier needs, the regulatory landscape, and your go-to-market strategy, we cover all the bases, so you don’t have to.

Proven Methodology

We know how to build great business continuity programs. Our Business Continuity Operating System (BCOS) enables organizations to achieve the right level of resilience in alignment with core business objectives. Our experts apply BCOS—and everything we’ve learned from hundreds of implementations all over the world—to optimize a program for your unique needs, quickly and efficiently.

Technical Software Managed Services

Have a team in place but need help with data integration and reporting? We’ve got you. Castellan Connect offers pre-built, two-way connections to common business applications, passing your latest data into the software, so you can eliminate the manual task of keeping data clean.

Alongside quality data comes more advanced reporting; with Insights, we provide an embedded custom reporting capability paired with the expert support of our managed services team, to build and deliver reports to your key program audiences.

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