When It Comes To Business Continuity And Operational Resilience, Are You Prepared?

Article Originally Published on Forbes in April 2021

When it comes to business continuity and operational resilience, this past year has taught us a lot. Covid-19 and many other sources of disruption pushed executives and their teams to react quickly to continue delivering products and services, as well as to continue planning ahead for rapidly evolving disruptive events.

The first step in the business continuity journey is to figure out where your organization is right now by answering the question, “Are you really prepared?” To fully answer that question, review each of the following questions, rating your answers using a 1 to 10 scale (low to high):

  1. How resilient is your organization’s financial model (revenue-generating approach)?
  2. How resilient is your organization’s customer demand for your products and services?
  3. How resilient are your organization’s product/service delivery channels (how you reach and deliver to your customers)?

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Brian Zawada

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian brings more than 25 years of experience managing and building world-class, global business continuity programs to his role as Chief Strategy Officer for Castellan. Outside of his work with Castellan and its clients, Brian previously served as the Head of the United States Delegation to ISO Technical Committee 223, the authors of ISO 22301. Brian contributed to ISO 22301 and led the project team that created ISO 22317, the business impact analysis standard, and ISO 22331, the business continuity strategy determination standard. Brian is a frequent author and speaker, currently serving on the Editorial Advisory Board of Continuity Insights magazine. Brian previously served as the Business Continuity Institute US Chapter Board President and as the President of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners. Brian is certified as a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute. In 2020, he published his first book The Business Continuity Operating System. Brian is also a two time Lifetime Achievement award winner from CIR (2021) and the BCI.

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