Illuminating Supply Chain Obstacles to Increase Organizational Resilience

Article Originally Published on Supply & Demand Chain Executive in January 2022

Improving organizational resilience starts from the ground level and requires organizations to look through a larger lens. At the start of 2021, 87% of supply chain professionals stated that they plan to invest in resilience in the next two years. While it’s important to have a forward-facing outlook and explore ways to improve supply chain resilience, it’s even more important to develop a shared understanding of what supply chain resilience looks like and identify the resources and approaches that will lead to these improvements.

Before diving into the specific ways in which processes and operations can improve, supply chain leaders must check a few boxes to ensure they are working toward the proper goal. One of the main challenges that inhibits businesses from improving resilience of their supply chains is the inability to strategically identify the problem.

Yes, leaders can see bottlenecks occurring in their supply chains but having a deeper understanding of where risks are acceptable and where they aren’t is key. With a unique knowledge of the organization, processes and management priorities, business continuity management professionals are well suited to aid supply chain leaders in developing context for these issues, including identifying high-level priorities.

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Michael Bratton

Director of Consulting

Michael Bratton is Director of Consulting for Castellan. Michael has consulted with a diverse range of clients spanning numerous industry verticals and sizes. He specializes in translating business and organizational requirements into recovery strategies and response frameworks that help organizations effectively respond to disruptions. Michael has worked with numerous organizations to implement new programs, but also has a long-standing base of clients where he continues to serve as an active and trusted advisor.

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