7 Tips to Increase Business Continuity Software Adoption

Even though technology is everywhere—watches, smart phones, thermostats, coffee machines, and even in our cars—barriers still exist for organizations when it comes to implementing and adopting new software solutions.

The challenge is likely rooted in the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Often our employees get set in their ways, creating their own “how-to’s” to tackle daily tasks. When we introduce new technologies, many may be hesitant to welcome the change with open arms.

Why? Here are a few common pitfalls:

  • Employees aren’t made aware the change is coming or why it’s needed
  • Key employees who are directly affected by the change haven’t been involved in discussions prior to implementation
  • There’s no awareness about how the solution can increase job productivity and satisfaction
  • There’s inadequate (or often no) training on how to use the solution
  • The solution is too hard to use

As a business continuity professional, you likely understand how today’s business continuity software platforms can make your job easier to do, automate time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks, decrease human errors, and speed up incident response and recovery times.

So how do you get your team members to buy in when you introduce a new business continuity platform into your work environment?

Nearly two-thirds of respondents in our 2019 Business Continuity Benchmark Study say they use a commercial or custom business continuity software system.

While it begins with addressing the fail points above, you can facilitate additional adoption and usage success by helping your team members understand business continuity software doesn’t have to be hard to use, especially if you’re choosing Castellan as your solution.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Simplicity and productivity often go hand-in-hand. If your business continuity software solution is easy to use, the more likely you’ll get buy-in from your team members as they use it and see its benefits—without extra hassle.

As adoption goes up—and productivity and efficiencies rise with it—you’ll ultimately make bigger gains toward operational resiliency.

And, as your team gets used to using the software in non-crisis situations, for example during training, exercises, and routine updates, the more comfortable they’ll be using it during a disruption and disaster. Not only will that build operational confidence, it can also help you respond to incidents and ultimately recover more quickly. Win-win!

What You See is What You Get

One of the things that sets Castellan apart from other business continuity platforms is just how intuitive it is to use, whether you’re just logging in for the first time or you need to respond and adapt during a crisis.

We’ve seen recently during the coronavirus outbreak just how imperative it is to be flexible and adaptable during disruptions. Some of the organizations that have tackled pandemic challenges successfully have had team-wide buy-in for operational resiliency and use tools and resources, like business continuity software, to improve response.

Here are some of the ways of the other ways a platform like Castellan can help promote business continuity adoption and usability:

  1. New users (and returning users who’ve not yet used certain features) get instant support from wizards that explain functionality of various tasks within the software. Think of it like advanced help. The goal is to provide all users—whether you’re in the platform every day or much less frequently—quick tips so they always understand how to use all of Castellan’s great features.
  2. Contextual explanations in the software’s workflow ribbon make it clear which stage of the planning lifecycle a user is reviewing and when subtasks are due.
  3. Teams can live-edit plans right in the software to always ensure data changes are current and available to other users quickly and easily. They can even easily select and include playbooks, applications, vendors, and more when making these live changes and create new items as needed to meet specific plan needs.
  4. If there are issues with plans or tasks, users can comment directly to help facilitate issue resolution.
  5. Before finalized, users can get a visual preview of how updated data will look in final form. If it’s right, a simple “submit for approval” button sends it to the next phase. If something’s amiss, it’s easy to fix before submitting.
  6. Plans, resources, and other critical information stored within the software can be accessed from anywhere, whether on the web or through the app. And plans, playbooks, and other communication tools are available, even when off-line. This includes access to assigned tasks, including roles and responsibilities. It’s also simple to mark tasks complete and add supporting information as recovery items are finished.
  7. One of the great things about streamlining your business continuity processes and plans through a single business continuity platform is that you can unify your company’s business continuity language. Castellan speaks a language your team can easily understand and adopt. It uses easy-to-understand terms, a business-continuity lingo, per se. By aligning everyone with the same vernacular, your team will likely communicate better and that will encourage and promote faster business continuity adoption and usage.

More Great Features to Encourage Adoptability

Another great component that makes Castellan so easy to use is there are many configurable features right in the platform. You can configure workflows, security and data visibility, planning artifacts, user interface layouts and visualizations for your organization’s unique needs.

Castellan supports a wide range of users—from planners, approvers, and employees, to administrators, coordinators and practitioners, and even program leaders and executives. Regardless of role or function, it’s a great way to unleash the benefits of connected data for your business continuity program success.

Need more insight on more of the great ways Castellan can help improve business continuity acceptance and software adoption for your organization? Check out one of our on-demand webinars to see how we built the platform from the ground up to support all your team members and make business continuity planning and execution so simple it will quickly become part of your team’s day-to-day contributions to ensure operational resiliency.

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